Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aaaaaaahhhh I think I'm moving out!

My poor boys! (all four of them) Don't worry it won't be much longer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the storm before the calm (I hope)

Look at my cute helper! Zack wanted to help me pack. I should dust more often. I'm exhasted! But look how much we got done today! (first picture is this morning, last picture was 5 minutes ago) My mom is my hero. I asked her to come help me pick up a section of the cabinets that my dad wanted, and she didn't leave till after 10 last night, then came back this afternoon. I am so grateful for everyone's help. Ashley, thanks for dinner tonight it was fabulous! I need to come raid your recipe book. Even a big thanks to Staci, who tried to watch my kids twice last week, but because of my flakiness it didn't work out. (I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to play with my sis!) But I am deep in it this week. I'm sooo excited that it is truely on the horizon! And my sweet husband conceded on paint color. So I won't give it away yet, but I'm excited! Well I better go scrape paint. Tomorrow is sanding and taping day. Lots to do!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Zions with cousins

This is everyone but Levi who was too far up the mountain, well to be honest we didn't know we were missing anyone till after the picture was taken. (That doesn't mean we don't love you buddy!) The "don't feed the animals" signs definately aren't working, cause these little guys were not the least bit scared of us!

What a great adventure!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

eat pavement

So.... I'm just sayin'.... if you tangle with the pavement, you are bound to loose.And loose he did! At least this battle.
What a big fat lip! And I know what you are thinking.... But no, those are all scraps, and not the usual ketchup smudges.

Poor kid, he was trying to be tough. But it's so hard to put a bandaid on your lips.

Gingerbread house in April???

Who says you can't make a gingerbread house in April? Well not me. Since my sis-in-law Mandy got her tonsils out, we've been trying to keep her girls every once in a while to let her rest. And we've loved it. The boys have such a great time playing with their cousins. But mandy's doing much better now and decided to come over and play with us. So she brought a gingerbread house and we made it and ate it all in one afternoon. Such fun.