Monday, September 21, 2009

Turning lemons into lemonade!

So womens forum inspired a pretty good FHE that we had tonight. I got some lemons, and we cut them in half. I let each of the kids taste the lemon. I asked them if they liked the lemons just the way they were. You can see the response. So we talked about some of the "lemons" we face in our home. Being frustrated, someone hitting you, not obeying, ect.... everyone took turns saying something that made their life "sour" as they sqeezed their lemon into a cup.
Then I asked them what would happen if we added sugar to our cups of lemon juice. You would have yummy lemonade! So we each took turns sharing ways to make our home more "sweet" as we added sugar to our cup. It got yummier and yummier the more ways we found to make our home "sweet".
It was a great object lesson. The boys LOVED it, and maybe we are making a "sweeter" home little by little.