Thursday, November 13, 2008

Zack cracks me up!

So every single day, I am in stitches over what this kid says. I wanted to write down a few. So I wanted to try out a new recipe today. (Spinach dip it is wonderful!) and we were having a few crackers. (and by a few I mean all of them.) We (Zack, Troy, & I) were finishing up, and I realized Zack had taken off his shoes and socks in the living room. So I asked him to take them to his bedroom. Then I went into the kitchen to put our bowl away, and I hear Zack ask Troy, "Hey buddy can you take my shoes to my bedroom?" Troy says, "Sure, sure, sure......" So he grabs the shoes and heads into the kitchen. I can hear Zack saying no, no not that way. Of course Troy doesn't care then I hear Zack say to himself.... "Sheesh he never listens to me!" I thought I would die laughing! Oh how many times have I thought that about my little dreamer Zack. And the other day we were driving to Fredonia, Zack says, "hey mom, you know what I say? Mountains look like rocks." I love this kid!!! (Don't worry I love the other ones too :0) Ok here's a couple more. So one day he says, "mom, someday I'll be grown up." I said your right pal. What will be the best part of being a grown up? "Well, I can get a drink by myself without spilling. And I can get a flashlight whenever I want." Very true, grown-ups can do that. And as I'm sitting here writing this, Zack is standing next to me, and sees some pictures on the desk, so he's looking at them and I hear, "ohhhh that cute dad...." and then he see one that he is in and he says, "Look at me, I'm adorable!" OHHH so funny!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Simon, Theadore, Aaaalviiiiin!!!!

These are my chipmunks! Pretty fun Halloween. I was so nervous about them being cold but it was a t-shirt night. I love Halloween!