Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey bowl 2009

Gabe loves going up North for Thanksgiving for the annual Turkey Bowl! (Then complains about it for the next week! Ha ha) All the brown boys were there, except poor Kelly who can't kick his sickness. Poor guy! It was fun to watch the big boys and little boys alike! Happy turkey day!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Somebody call 9-1-1- this fire's hot!

I'm so excited for Gabe. He just joined the volunteer fire dept. And he loves it! They had a training today where they burned down this old house on purpose. They asked me to come take pictures. It was so fun to be able to be up close. To see just how exciting it is to these guys. They take it so seriously. And we are lucky to have such a great fire department in our little town! Plus it's so sexy to see my man strutting out of a burning building!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

funny boy

So we are having our morning snack, an apple. And Troy eats a couple of bites. I gave him the whole thing, (which I never do! I almost always cut it and give him a few slices at a time) So he takes a couple of bites and says, "Mom, what's inside here?" I say an apple. He say's, No what's inside of here? I said it's an apple buddy! He says no, there's something in here like bones...... or something??? I said Ohhhh there are seeds in there. Perfectly satisfied, he said, Yeah that's what I mean seeds........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is my return to bloging.

So I was talking to my friend Ashley Kartchner today about her little boy Max. He says the funniest things. And I asked if she was writing it all down. She said yes, that she has journals for each of them. Well, I'm not the super mom that Ashley is, so I don't have journals for each of my kids, but I do blog. Well I used to blog, well I like to blog! I can do it, and my little boys would much rather have me blogging than wasting time on facebook. So this is my come back. Not that I will stop using facebook all together, but I want to remember the quirks, the laughs, and the tears of being a mother to these three wonderful boys. Like today, when I was sitting at the table working on homework with Kolby. (That by the way takes an HOUR every night. An HOUR. I think it's crazy for a first grader to have an hour of homework every night, but I digress....) Well he had to go to the bathroom, so he left and Troy promptly took his seat. And started talking. I asked him what? He said not you mom.... I looked around, there is nobody else in the room, and he must have sensed where I was going with that because he said. "I was talking to my imaginary mom, not you." HE'S TWO!!! Ok to be fair, he's almost three, but still....

Monday, November 2, 2009

One of my favorite things

So one of my favorite things is the whispers and giggles that come from the boys room at bedtime. I hear the most interesting stories, funniest conversations, between boys who mostly love each other. Tonight, Kolby said, "You know we have a cousin Lydia, she must be 9 by now." So funny.

Halloween 2009

The Knight, the spider, and the robot, what a great threesome they are. I sure hope they always stay the buddies that they are now. So we had a fun night. I don't think we've ever gone out to eat on Halloween, but the kids were anxious to get their costumes on, and I didn't want to take them THAT early, so we went to Pizza Hut for dinner, then we went trick or treating. Well, I was walking them up to one of the first houses, and Gabe grabed my hand. He said, "You know, they are big enough to do that themselves this year." So he tucked me under his arm and we watched our big boys go trick or treating by themselves, (well mostly)