Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday boys!!!

Thanks grandma for a super fun birthday dinner!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

4th Tag

Tagged ! -Post the 4th picture from your 4th picture folder...

So this was an engagement shot with Bill & Elandriel Martin from the first of the year. This was a fun tag!

I tag................ Staci, Amy, Stephanie, & my mom (Who may not ever see this. Comment for heavens sake!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Arrrrrrrrr Matey!

Avast ye swabs. A treasure hunt be in the works. (Do you love the map's of our backyard? Ha Ha)
These be me matey's. All Cap'n's to be.
Find ye treasure Zacky!
Avast! There it be! The trail leads to Grandma's house!
The TREASURE Hooray!!!!

Today we did a little treasure hunt. Thanks to grandma for our halloween treasure. In the treasure box were some orange and black pipecleaners, with a baggie of buttons. All buried in gold (ok, ok it was popcorn) So we all sat down in the grass to make spiders with our "treasure" And we talked about the treasures we have in our lives. Zack's treasure (things that make him happy) is sharing with friends. (funny he doesn't do that more often.) Grandma's treasures are her kids and grandkids. Kolby's treasure is finding real bugs. (he also likes wrestling with his dad) My treasures are the memories I am making with my boys these days.

Pretend Pictures

So Kolby asked if we could go to the Heritage House for our adventure yesterday. I said sure, wondering how I was going to make it educational. (It was closed or we would have gone inside and learned some of the history of Kanab.) But I didn't have anything planned so I said sure. We went and saw the chickens, and tried to figure out what fruit came from what trees. And it was so fun to watch them play. The same way that whatever children actually lived in the Heritage House probably played. Chasing the cat, and the chickens. Climbing the trees, and jumping out of them. Laying in the sun for the few short moments they were tired of running. It was surreal. I was laying on the lawn, Kolby was up in a tree as high as he could get, and he yelled, "Mom take a picture of me!" I said sorry bud, I didn't bring my camera today. (Shocker, I know) He said use a pretend camera. So I did. And I thought about all the vivid pictures captured in my "pretend" camera. What great memories I will have of such a simple day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

This was soooo cool!

Today we went to the Kanab airport! Kolby wanted to learn about airplanes. I was only too happy to see what I could do about that!
I was nervous that Kolby would be afraid to ask the questions that he had, but not only did he ask the questions, look at how intently he listened to the answers! He asked, "What do you have to do to become a pilot?", "What are the numbers on the side of the plane for?" (like a licence plate) "What are the important parts of the airplane?" (all of them!) The pilot that was answering his questions was so wonderful. He let Kolby sit in the cockpit of this plane. What a great adventure!
Troy thought it was pretty neat too, even though he didn't get to get in the plane.