Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I can't believe it's been 10 years since this happened.  I've heard people talk about where they were when we landed on the moon, or when Kennedy was shot, and 9-11 is like that in my memory.  But it was different for me this year.  I watched all that footage again.  And my heart broke all over again.  Especially since my husband could have been one of those men.  We have an amazing group of men, who watch over and protect our community at the expense of time with their own families.  Sacrificing so much time and energy.  I am proud, and grateful!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So I decided to enter sew dang cute's Crafting with the stars contest.  I'm not super duper crafty like these lady's.  But I wanted to enter anyway, since I'm in love with my most recent creation! Go check it out.  There are a LOT of super duper amazing crafters linked up!

Antique Crate???? No, but...
It is antique wood.  My great friend Staci tore down her old shed. (That was built by her husbands grandpa, I think) and since I was willing to help, they let me take what I wanted of the old barn wood! Be still my heart!
 Since today was the first day of my new life as a mom with all her kids in school, GASP, for the 2 1/2 hours that my baby is in preschool.  I decided to tackle my first barnwood project.  A crate.
 Simple enough... I cut my boards to length, then glued & air gun nailed the pieces together.
 Luckily for me... Grandpa Joe was a little bit of a hoarder, and had these AWESOME antique window pully's that I thought would make a terrific replacement for castors
 You need a closer look right??? I thought so!  Well my new screws look terrible! So....
 I pulled out some wood stain, and dabed at the screws with it, and it rustified them right up!
 I also snagged some OLD hardware supplies to be used for something cool somewhere.
 Now I thought it needed a place to have belonged, so I decided that this little baby should have come from the Steel City! (Just like my cute husband!) So, I cut a stencil out on the cricket, and spray painted it red. (The color of Heinz ketchup)
 Then peeled the stencil off, and.....
TADAAAAA!!! My first not really antique crate!