Thursday, November 13, 2008

Zack cracks me up!

So every single day, I am in stitches over what this kid says. I wanted to write down a few. So I wanted to try out a new recipe today. (Spinach dip it is wonderful!) and we were having a few crackers. (and by a few I mean all of them.) We (Zack, Troy, & I) were finishing up, and I realized Zack had taken off his shoes and socks in the living room. So I asked him to take them to his bedroom. Then I went into the kitchen to put our bowl away, and I hear Zack ask Troy, "Hey buddy can you take my shoes to my bedroom?" Troy says, "Sure, sure, sure......" So he grabs the shoes and heads into the kitchen. I can hear Zack saying no, no not that way. Of course Troy doesn't care then I hear Zack say to himself.... "Sheesh he never listens to me!" I thought I would die laughing! Oh how many times have I thought that about my little dreamer Zack. And the other day we were driving to Fredonia, Zack says, "hey mom, you know what I say? Mountains look like rocks." I love this kid!!! (Don't worry I love the other ones too :0) Ok here's a couple more. So one day he says, "mom, someday I'll be grown up." I said your right pal. What will be the best part of being a grown up? "Well, I can get a drink by myself without spilling. And I can get a flashlight whenever I want." Very true, grown-ups can do that. And as I'm sitting here writing this, Zack is standing next to me, and sees some pictures on the desk, so he's looking at them and I hear, "ohhhh that cute dad...." and then he see one that he is in and he says, "Look at me, I'm adorable!" OHHH so funny!


cheryl j brown said...

Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.

Lance and Nikki said...

What a funny kid! We're excited to see you guys this week!

Torrie and Arlyn said...

I love it. How funny. Your boys are the cutest.