Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a couple funny things

So I know you all probably get bored with all my "funny sayings" I just wouldn't write them down if I didn't blog them so bear with me. Well, we had a great weekend with our Bentley cousins last weekend. We always do. But for some reason this trip, Kolby & Levi buddied up, instead of the usual (Kolby & Gage, and Zack with Levi) Well Gage came in crying, and crying saying Kolby doesn't want to be my favorite cousin anymore. So we tried to console him and he and Zack paired up, and everything seemed fine. But when we were driving home that evening I heard Zack tell Kolby, "Well if you decide you want to be my friend again, just give me a call some time." Nothing leading up to that, and nothing after, just that. It made me chuckle. And then last night Gabe had gotten some movies. So I told the boys that they had to get their room clean before they could come out and watch it. So I was yelling for them to hurry. And Troy yells after me. Booooooyssss, hurry up an' get yur room cween. I said, Troy you live here too, maybe you should go and help them clean the room, and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "mom I got a bwoken weg." like I had forgotten. It was so funny. We're almost to the 2 week countdown. I can't believe it's been a month. It seems like a year. Gabe leaned over to me at church today, and said it's going to be really strange to see him walking again. And it really will be. It's been such a crazy thing to have to care for him again like he is a baby. Just don't call him a baby out loud. He will strictly correct you. "NOT I a baby, names Troy!"

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Torrie and Arlyn said...

We love the funny sayings, keep them coming!