Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is my return to bloging.

So I was talking to my friend Ashley Kartchner today about her little boy Max. He says the funniest things. And I asked if she was writing it all down. She said yes, that she has journals for each of them. Well, I'm not the super mom that Ashley is, so I don't have journals for each of my kids, but I do blog. Well I used to blog, well I like to blog! I can do it, and my little boys would much rather have me blogging than wasting time on facebook. So this is my come back. Not that I will stop using facebook all together, but I want to remember the quirks, the laughs, and the tears of being a mother to these three wonderful boys. Like today, when I was sitting at the table working on homework with Kolby. (That by the way takes an HOUR every night. An HOUR. I think it's crazy for a first grader to have an hour of homework every night, but I digress....) Well he had to go to the bathroom, so he left and Troy promptly took his seat. And started talking. I asked him what? He said not you mom.... I looked around, there is nobody else in the room, and he must have sensed where I was going with that because he said. "I was talking to my imaginary mom, not you." HE'S TWO!!! Ok to be fair, he's almost three, but still....

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