Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The girl side of the family

So we took our family pictures last week, and decided that we needed to have the girls side of the family too! So while she looks happy in these TWO pictures, Shelby was not happy to be out in the cold WAY past naptime. I was so excited to find a couple of really cute smiles. Dusty is one lucky guy to have all these beautiful girls surrounding him every day!!!
Especially Mandy! Isn't she georgous? And 7 months pregnant no less. Now I know what they are talking about when they say that pregnant women glow! You are beautiful Mandy!

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Mandy Riddle said...

Oh my gosh Michelle, the fact that we even had one good and happy shot is a miracle!!! That is going to be so awesome! I can't wait to show him. Kati spilled the beans when he got home last night, and we were worried about Allison!
I think they are perfect! Great great job, you are amazing!(My face looks great by the way:)