Thursday, January 22, 2009

lucky 7's

Tagged by Staci

7 Things I can do:

1- Change diapers (I am on the downward slope of 6 years straight of changing diapers. What an exciting prospect to be done with that soon!)

2- Play Volleyball. (I'm certainly not the best, but I love volleyball! And I have something to contribute. unlike most other sports, where I love to play, but struggle.)

3- Take pictures. (It's the one area of my life that I get positive recognition for. I have so far to go, but I LOVE everything photography. It soothes me, it is a creative release for me. It makes me feel conected to the world.)

4- Eat! I hate that I'm so good at this!!!

5- Have Boys. 3 is a good amount of boys.

6- Go on adventures. I love traveling, hiking, swimming, anything outdoors.

7- Read. I love a good book! My husband gets so frustrated with me because when I read a book, it is cover to cover, and nothing else gets done. (so I don't read as often as I would like.)

7 Things I can't do.

1- Keep my whole house clean at the same time.

2- Eat healthy.

3- Keep a fuzzy picture.

4- Keep on top of my laundry. I've never had a hard time with this before, but lately I seem to be continuously swimming in loads of laundry.

5- I can't stand the sound of a fingernail file.

6- pass up a sale. I don't have to need it, I just have to have it for a dollar. it's a dollar!

7- Wear earings. I have really sensitive ears. I can coun't on one hand the number of times I've worn earings in the last 10 years.

7 things that attracted me to Gabe:

1- Well I happen to think he's a hottie!

2- His honesty

3- He loved me.

4- He is a great work ethic

5- He makes me laugh

6- He cut me fresh flowers

7- He would write me love notes

7 Things I say the most:

1- If he's crying that means stop!
2- What the.....
3- I'm just saying....
4- Boooooys!!!
5- Get out of the kitchen!
6- I love you!
7- Hugs & Kisses! (instead of bedtime)

7 New Years Goals

1- Keep a what I love about you journal for each of my kids & husband. I got an email from my mom with a great article that talked about remembering who our kids are. And to write down the christlike characteristics of the people that I love, will help me keep an eternal perspective.

2- say couples prayers in addition to family prayers every night. To ponder what heavenly father wants us to do with the children he has lent to us.

3- Eat more healthy.

4- Improve my photoshop skills.

5- Prepare my relief society lessons at least a week before I teach them.

6- Make a decision about my kitchen before March.

7- Go to the Temple every month.

7 Favorite Foods

1- French Fries
2- Cheese cake
3- Doritoes
4- Dark Chocolate (Specifically Lindt Truffles)
5- Staci just introduced me to Red Robin, and their hambergers are to die for! It's my new favorite burger joint!
6- I just got Gabe a Kitchen Aid (for his birthday) I made rolls, I am so excited! Homemade bread is definately one of my 7
7- If you havn't noticed the trend the short answer is junk food.

So I tag...
anyone who wants to play!


The Bentley family said...

That was fun to see what you wrote. How come you didn't tag me? oh... cuz I never make time to do these things... it's fun though.

Mandy Riddle said...

Very interesting answers Shells!! I think that was me Mandy that you tagged so I will get right on that!!