Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ahhh Kindergarten

Oh, my sweet Zacky went off to kindergarten today. He rode the big boy bus with Kolby. And was so excited to go. Zack has such a sweet heart. I just love that kid. I think I had a hard time figuring him out for the first part of his life. Because I'm just not sensitive the way he is. But now that I have figured it out, he is just the best! He will do anything to please me. If I ask him with love. And he is HILARIOUS! He doesn't mean to be. He is completely serious about every word that comes out of his mouth, and maybe that makes it all the more funny. Last night I (lovingly) asked him to go help his big brother clean his room and he said, "sure mom, but could you spare a minute to get this sawdust out of my eye first?" And sure enough, he did have sawdust in his eye from a ward party that his fabulous grandparents had taken him to. Cute kid. I hope that going to school doesn't toughen him up to much. I love my Zacky cuddles! (Kolby is waaaay to big for anything but a very quick cuddle)

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cheryl j brown said...

I love this picture of Zack. He is so aware of what's going on around him. At the party, I helped a little girl get something off the table and he said, "That was nice Grandma. You're a nice person."