Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just sent my 1st, 2nd grader off to school

I can't believe how big Kolby is getting. Right before my eyes, he is turning into a little man. He was so excited to get off to school today. He's going to be in Mr. Jensons class. I'm excited for him to have a guy teacher. I really think he will respond well to him. He didn't want my help, he didn't even hug me goodbye. I'm not really one of those sad to see your kids go off to school, kind of moms, but I am sad to see him get so big that he doesn't need me anymore. He's such a great kid! I love who he is turning out to be! (most of the time, ha) He won't hardly sit still to let me take his picture anymore, but I told him that the first day of school pictures were not an option! He's kind of in a goofy shy stage, but I still think that he is so handsome! A mothers love I suppose!

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cheryl j brown said...

cute kolby but where is Zack?