Sunday, September 26, 2010


So we flew in Saturday morning and were in awe of the heat and humidity as soon as the airport doors opened. None of us slept really well, but Gabe didn't even try. He was excited to see a pre-viewing of the pilot of Hawaii Five O, (Yes he saw it before the premier) I caught a few parts, but was just to tired to stay focused. When we got there we were suprised that mom and dads GPS didn't have Hawaii maps, and struggled to use Google maps on Aarons laptop to find our way around. (and it was tough!!!) But we made it to the Swapp meet, and it was fun to wander around and taste my first hawaiin shaved ice. It was soooo good (but probably just because it was so hot.) We wasted some time before we checked in to our condo where we all crashed for the afternoon. Then Sunday morning we decided that it would be nice to visit Pearl Harbor. I am fascinated by the history of our country. It was a humbling experience to stand in the places that so many of our bravest patriots lost their lives protecting our freedoms.

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