Thursday, September 23, 2010


Scott Caan- You might know him from, Into the Blue, Ocean's 11 (One of the mormon brothers Ha!) or Gone in 60 seconds. I LOVE him!
Alex O'laughlin- Gabe and I loved him in Moonlight. It was a vampire tv show before vampires before vampires were hot. He was also in 3 Rivers, a medical show that we watched because it took place in Pittsburg. Grace Park- Known best from, The Cleaner
Daniel Kim- Most famous from Lost, but has done a lot of other things too.
We had such an amazing time! One of my favorite things that we did the whole trip was getting to go to the premier of the new tv series, "Hawaii Five-O" Gabe & I had been excited to see the show even before we knew about the premier. So the fact that we got to go see the actors, and I got to take pictures of them, was so exciting! There were some great local guys waving over the actors to us for autographs, so I was literally backing away from some of them to get these shots. What a thrill!

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Rach said...

Watch out people magazine! Those are awesome. I love the one of the guy from lost! That is a AWESOME pic you got of him! Anyway, that is so exciting! Nothing like that ever happens to me. I am jealous, but happy for you! Ok, No, I am just jealous. haha. Just teasing. Can't wait to see more pics of Hawaii!