Sunday, October 31, 2010

yes man

So Troy is going through the funniest stage. Lets say you ask him a question, like... Hey Troy, Did you get enough candy for Halloween? He will say to you... Yes, yes I did! Hey Troy, Do you like your dinner? Yes, yes I do! Hey Troy, do you like it when your brothers tackle you? NO, no I do not! I love it! It is so funny to me! And Zack.... Well let me just tell hyou a little about Zack. He is in a vocabulary building stage. For example, the other day I asked him about some scratches that he had on his foot and he said, "What you mean my injury's?" Or Hey Zack did you get the dishes put away? He said, "Well, I didn't literally want to do that right now." He's still working on context a little bit. And last but not least... Zacker, did you get your room clean? "Well technically.... I still have a little more to go." I know everyone thinks their kids are the cutest, but man, I love these little boys!

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