Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The dirtier the kids, the more fun we had right?

This is Pine Lake. Beautiful huh? We went camping with all of Gabe's family last weekend. We had such a fun time! Us mom's and kids came up a little early to set up camp before the dad's got off work. Of course we were speedy, so we had time to come play at the lake before Gabe & Dusty came up.
George brought the horses, and the kids had fun riding, as usual
A dirty kid is a happy kid right? Mine must have been having the time of their life!
Even us parents got to get away on the horses for a while. What a treat!

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Shellee Draper said...

This looks so fun. I love that shot of the lake. . . don't worry michelle, my kids are happy too! I miss you we need to get together.