Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tea Party!!!

"Would you care for a cookie?" "yes please!" "May I get you some more milk?" "No, thank you." Our adventure today was learning manners at a tea party for Knights & Princesses. Milk & Cookies works wonders for getting magic words every time. Cousins Kati and Alli were our beautiful princesses. Kolby and Troy were our stalwert knights. Cheers to all.
Kolby and Kati are such great pals!
We missed Zack (he was at school) But he gets a special date with mom & dad today. What fun!

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Torrie and Arlyn said...

What a beautiful blog. I really like your background. I'm glad I found this; I thought your photo blog was your only one.

Fun, fun, tea party. Brings back memories.