Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get out and play, and hour a day!

I know that you've seen that commercial right? Well I was reading a great book, I am a Mother, by Jane Clayson Johnson, and I got inspired. I decided to start planning something fun, (educational) with my kids every day. So yesterday we were hikers. We hiked squaw trail, (at a 1,3,5 year old pace) Needless to say we explored every rock (Fossil) every plant. Mom, what's that plant, and that one, and that one, ect.... We stayed on the trail (like good hikers should.) Even when the squirels did NOT stay on the trail.
Mom, look I can see the truck! The best part of hiking is looking down from the top.
We didn't even spend the targeted hour. But we sure had a great time!


Kim said...

That is a great idea...Too often the days pass and we dont really get to enjoy our children's little minds. I am excited to see what other adventures you have.

Did you ever get my email? I did write you back. But haven't heard from you. Though, I am sure you are busy too!

The Little Blog said...

What a great mom you are. That amazes me. My kids probably wish they had a mom like you.