Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pretend Pictures

So Kolby asked if we could go to the Heritage House for our adventure yesterday. I said sure, wondering how I was going to make it educational. (It was closed or we would have gone inside and learned some of the history of Kanab.) But I didn't have anything planned so I said sure. We went and saw the chickens, and tried to figure out what fruit came from what trees. And it was so fun to watch them play. The same way that whatever children actually lived in the Heritage House probably played. Chasing the cat, and the chickens. Climbing the trees, and jumping out of them. Laying in the sun for the few short moments they were tired of running. It was surreal. I was laying on the lawn, Kolby was up in a tree as high as he could get, and he yelled, "Mom take a picture of me!" I said sorry bud, I didn't bring my camera today. (Shocker, I know) He said use a pretend camera. So I did. And I thought about all the vivid pictures captured in my "pretend" camera. What great memories I will have of such a simple day.


Stephanie said...

Aww,that is the sweetest blog I've seen. You are such a good mom. Your boys are so lucky.It reminds me to cherish every minute with my little rascals.

Kristin said...

I love that. What a cute family!