Friday, October 3, 2008

This was soooo cool!

Today we went to the Kanab airport! Kolby wanted to learn about airplanes. I was only too happy to see what I could do about that!
I was nervous that Kolby would be afraid to ask the questions that he had, but not only did he ask the questions, look at how intently he listened to the answers! He asked, "What do you have to do to become a pilot?", "What are the numbers on the side of the plane for?" (like a licence plate) "What are the important parts of the airplane?" (all of them!) The pilot that was answering his questions was so wonderful. He let Kolby sit in the cockpit of this plane. What a great adventure!
Troy thought it was pretty neat too, even though he didn't get to get in the plane.


Staci said...

I jsut want to say that you do a great job with the "adventures" that your boys have! You are good at a lot of things and I hope you know that! How many mom's would take the time to do what you did!

The Little Blog said...

I agree with Staci. You rock Michelle, seriously. I want you to be my mom. :)

Stephanie said...

These activites look like so much fun!!

Torrie and Arlyn said...

You're such an awesome mom to put so much thought and creativity to help your boys learn. What fun adventures! Kolby looks so handsome in the cockpit picture.

What does your Monday, 13th look like? We'll be in town and would love to see you. (Hopefully you get this before then.)