Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Ok, so I know that it's not for a little while, but these things take a little preparation. I love Valentine's! And I love giving personalized cards. So the boys braved the cold with me today, and we got some pretty cute shots.


cheryl j brown said...

these are the cutest ever! Your boys just keep getting cuter and cuter and so do your blog pages. You need to come show me how to make mine cuter. Love ya

Mandy Riddle said...

Hey you know what, I am going to take the Valentines day challenge. I want to see what I can come up with. Nothing as cute as the pics you can take but I am going to try. Did you change the color of those backgrounds so that they would be really blue and really red or were those real places???? So dang cute!

The Little Blog said...

Your boys are so cute. I really love the suckers. They are huge. I bet they liked them too.