Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey Troy, whatcha doing???

I dunno???

perfect timing that my vacuum broke last week right????
Do you think this is funny young man???
sometimes I just want to cry..... It's a good thing I'm too busy for such nonsense!


Staci said...

Oh My! Did this happen before or after we went walking? (Like I said, I am a little nervous about age 2, what will I do?)

Mandy Riddle said...

Oh Michelle! Is that what it looks like? Flower? So how did you get it up with no vacuum?

Michelle said...

It was after, I was still vacuuming when Gabe walked in from work. And yes, I mistakingly left a 25 lb bag of flour on the counter. I vacuumed it with my shop vac on all fours for about 20 minutes. I can't wait for my new kitchen!!!

Lance and Nikki said...

Poor you! But Troy looks so cute! Hope you got it cleaned up ok! We love those boys!

Torrie and Arlyn said...

Oh, no! Good thing you got great pictures out of it. How ironic about your vacuum.